How to Download Movies on Verizon FiOS TV

By Darrin Meyer

FiOS is the digital television and high-speed Internet service offered by Verizon that uses fiber-optic cable to provide hundreds of digital and high-definition TV channels, with an optional Digital Video Recorder (DVR) to watch shows when you choose, as well as download movies to view on demand. Finding and selecting movies to download is a simple process that lets you enjoy a wide range of movies without leaving your home.

Downloading movies on demand

The fastest way to download movies is to go through the On Demand feature. Press the On Demand button on the remote, or go to channel 900 to bring the menu up on the TV screen.

Use the arrow keys to browse through the various categories, including "Featured," "Browse All," or "Recently Viewed." The right half of the screen has a number of sub-categories and genres to help narrow the search. Choose the "High Definition" folder if you want to see which movies are available in HD.

Make your selection. If the movie you choose is free, simply click on "Watch Now."

If the movie has a pay-per-view charge, when you click "Watch Now," it will show the price and ask if you wish to purchase. If so, click on "Purchase Now." The movie will begin shortly once it downloads to your system.

Downloading through the Search menu

Another way to choose a movie to download is through the Search feature. There are two ways to access this: one is through the folder that says "Search" in the left side of the On Demand menu. Yet another is to press the "Menu" button on the remote control to bring up the main menu, then move to the option that says "Search," and press "OK."

Move the cursor to "Search by Keyword" and press "OK." You'll see an alphanumeric grid on the left side.

Use the arrows on your remote to enter letters or numbers. This will bring up matching titles on the right side of the screen. Options are matched by title or relevancy of the keyword.

To choose a selection, move the cursor to highlight the title on the right and press "OK," and then press it again where it says "Watch Now." Again, if there is a pay-ver-view charge involved, it will be noted on the screen. Press "Watch Now," and wait for the selection to load shortly.