How to Download Movies From My Hard Drive to iTunes

By Mario Calhoun

Download Movies From My Hard Drive to iTunes
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Stored movies on your computer's hard drive can be imported into your iTunes and --- depending on the file type of the movie --- are transferable to your Apple device supporting video playback. ITunes 8 and later support MP4 and M4V videos, the former being the standard format for videos and the latter being exclusively found in the iTunes Store. The movie is kept in the "Movies" section of the iTunes library once it is imported, and can be configured through the file's preferences in iTunes.

Start iTunes, and click "File" on the program's menu.

Click "Add to Library," and click the movie's filename in the Open menu.

Click "Add" or "Choose" to import the movie.

Click "Movies" in the iTunes' side menu, and select the imported movie.

Click "Advanced" on the iTunes' menu and click "Create iPhone or iPod Version" or "Create iPad or Apple TV Version."