How to Download Movies From FrostWire

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FrostWire is a peer-to-peer file-sharing program. The program is freeware, which means that anyone can download and use it for free. People often share media files over FrostWire such as MP3 files and video files. Many movies can be downloaded using FrostWire. The trick is knowing exactly what to download and how.


Download the latest version of FrostWire from


Open the FrostWire installation file and follow the Setup Wizard's instructions.


Run the FrostWire program once it is installed, and install any updates.


Click on the "Search" tab. Select the "Video" button if it is not already selected.


Enter any information that will aid in the search for the movie. Click the "Search" button. The fields of input are title, type, year, rating and length.


Double-click on a file that matches what movie is being searched for. A list of files will appear to the right of the search box. If no files appear after a couple minutes, try entering new search information.


  • Downloading copyrighted material is illegal. Be sure the material being downloaded is not copyrighted.
  • Some files may be, or contain, a virus. Use a virus scanner to scan each file before it is opened.

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