How to Download Microsoft Word 2000

By John Kibilko

Microsoft Word 2000 can be downloaded (for free, in most cases) from a large number of websites. Word normally comes as part of a Microsoft Works suite package, so if you load the entire package Word will be installed as a component of it. You also can reload your Word 2000 program from your Microsoft Suite 2000 disk ("disk 2").

Step 1

Click on the “Start” button and choose “Run.”

Step 2

Type “Q:\Win32\install\WORDPRO\OFFICE2K.EXE” (without quotes) in the box provided and click “Okay” (or hit “Enter”).

Step 3

Follow the instructions through a series of “Windows Installer” dialog boxes that appear, by clicking "Next" when prompted after each box.

Step 4

Type in your name initials, organization (optional) and the 25-digit product code key that came with your copy of Word 2000. Choose “Next.”

Step 5

Read the “Microsoft Office 2000 Ready to Install” user license agreement dialogue box and choose the “Customize” selection.

Step 6

Click “Next” in the Microsoft Office 2000 Installation Location” dialog box that appears. The default location is "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office" directory. Clicking “Next” accepts this location, unless you want to choose a different location. Don’t do so.

Step 7

Select the features you want to install--in this case, “Microsoft Word for Windows.”

Wait while the installation dialog boxes download the program. When the dialog box “Installer Information” appears, click “Yes” to restart your computer and complete the installation.