How to Download Microsoft Silverlight

by Jill Lee

Microsoft Silverlight provides users with interactive web features by integrating graphics and other media tools. Silverlight also functions as a platform for developers to create web-based applications to showcase photos, videos, layouts and other interactive features. Microsoft Silverlight works on all major web browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux-based systems. Downloading Silverlight is a simple process that is done by visiting Microsoft's website.

Open your Web browser and navigate to Microsoft's Silverlight website (see Resources).

Click the blue "Install Silverlight" button that appears on the left side of the screen.

Click "Run" in Internet Explorer to start downloading Silverlight. When the installation file finishes downloading, click "Run" again to start the installer.

Click "Save File" in the pop-up box that appears in Firefox when you click on "Install Silverlight." Once the program finishes downloading, open the installation file named "Silverlight.exe" and run the installer.


  • check If you already have Microsoft Silverlight installed on your computer, you will not see the "Install Silverlight" button.

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