How to Download Microsoft Dashboard for Webcams

by Hollan Johnson

The LifeCam dashboard is the official webcam software from Microsoft. It is included with the LifeCam webcam when you purchase it, although it can be downloaded as well. The LifeCam plugs into one of your computer's USB ports and allows you to stream video of yourself to your friends and family. The LifeCam dashboard comes with access to control panels for the webcam that put you in complete control of what and how it sees.


Open your web browser and surf to official Microsoft LifeCam website (see "Resources" below).


Input the type of LifeCam you have, your operating system and your language. Click "Go."


Select the LifeCam software that you want to download.


Click on the "LifeCam.exe" file that mounts on your desktop and select "Run."


Select "Next" and then click "Install." Click "Finish" after the installation is complete.

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