How to Download a Megavideo File to an MP4

By Jeff Grundy

Millions of users use Megavideo as an alternative to YouTube.
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Alexa lists the video-sharing site as one of the top 200 most visited websites as of May 2011. MegaVideo offers both free and premium accounts for users, which determines the level of access granted to the site. With a free account, MegaVideo imposes a 72-minute time limit for watching videos; then, users must wait nearly an hour before again viewing videos. This restriction prompts many users to download the MegaVideo clips and watch them offline. However, MegaVideo does not provide a direct way for members with free accounts to download videos. To download MegaVideo videos without a premium membership, you must install or use a third-party downloader.

Download Using Online Service

Navigate to a free online service that allows you to download videos from and other video-sharing sites. Website such as, and allow you to download videos from MegaVideo and convert them from FLV format using other commonly used encoders.

Enter the URL address for the MegaVIdeo video you want to download into the "URL" or "Web Address" field of the converter site. Click and select MP4 as the output format.

Click the "Convert," "Download," "Fetch" or "Save" link on the site. Select a folder on your PC in which to save the MegaVideo clip and click "Open" or "Save." Wait for the converted video to download to the folder you selected.

Download and Convert with ClipNabber Freecorder

Navigate to the ClipNabber website and Freecorder edition of the video download software. Save the installation file to a folder on your computer.

Close your Web browser program.

Click "Start," then "Computer." Browse to the folder where you saved the ClipNabber setup file. Double-click the file to launch the installer. Accept the license agreement, then follow the on-screen prompts to install ClipNabber on your PC. Reboot the computer if prompted to do so.

Open Firefox or Internet Explorer on your computer. Locate the new toolbar installed by the Freecorder application. Click the "YouTube" button with the green arrow on the toolbar.

Enter the URL of the MegaVideo video you want to download and convert. Click the "Nab" button. Navigate to the folder where you want to save the video, then click the "Save" button. Wait for the video to download to your computer.

Click the "Convert" button on the Freecorder toolbar. The "Convert" button has two arrows that point in opposite directions.

Click the "Select New Format" drop-down box, then select "MPEG4 Same Quality (*.mp4)" in the list. Click the "Folder" icon next to the "Select Directory" field. Navigate to the MegaVideo clip you downloaded and click the "OK" button.

Click the "Begin" button. Freecorder converts the MegaVideo video from FLV to MP4 format.