How to Download Maps on a TomTom One (8 Steps)

By Fred Decker

Keep your GPS current by updating the maps regularly.
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TomTom GPS devices are designed to accommodate regular upgrades, allowing owners to personalize their devices and keep maps up-to-date. You can download maps directly from TomTom to supported devices, such as the TomTom One. In addition, TomTom's HOME software can be used to download maps, store them on your computer and transfer them to and from the GPS device as needed.

On the TomTom One

Step 1

Touch "Preferences" from the TomTom's main menu.

Step 2

Locate and tap the "Manage Maps" icon.

Step 3

Touch "Download a Map." Your device will connect and find available maps.

Using TomTom HOME

Step 1

Connect your TomTom One to a computer with Web access using the device's USB cable. TomTom HOME will identify the GPS unit and load automatically.

Step 2

Back up your existing maps. Click "Manage My Device," then click "Items on Device" and select your maps. Click "Copy to Computer" and "Done."

Step 3

Click "Update My Device." New maps you've purchased will show up in the list of available updates. Click "Update and Install." If your TomTom One has room for both the old and new maps, the installation will proceed. If memory is insufficient, you'll be prompted to remove the old map.

Step 4

Select an old map to delete, if necessary. Assuming you've backed the map up to your computer, you can restore it later if desired. Once you have the required amount of free space, the installation will proceed.

Step 5

Click "Done" when the download is complete, and then click the blue "Eject" button at the bottom right of the screen. It is now safe to disconnect your TomTom One.