How to Download Maps for a Becker GPS

By Terry Parker

Learn how to download maps for Becker GPS.
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Becker GPS devices are preloaded with maps of the Great Britain area and are rarely used outside of Great Britain. However, additional maps of other regions may be downloaded and installed. You can download maps of Ireland, the UK, North America and regions of Europe to extend the functionality of the unit while traveling.

Step 1

Plug the Becker GPS into your computer using the USB connector cable that shipped with the GPS unit. The Becker Content Manager software should automatically install to the computer from the device. If the software does not automatically install, download the Content Manager software from the Becker website (see the link in Resources).

Step 2

Open the Becker Content Manager application on the computer. Create a user ID and password for the Becker Content Manager software.

Step 3

Open a Web browser on the computer you use to update the Becker GPS device.

Step 4

Navigate to the website (see the link in Resources).

Step 5

Log into the Web application with the user ID and password you used when you installed the Becker Content Manager software.

Step 6

Click either the “Car Navigation” or “Mobile Navigation” option, depending on the type of GPS unit you will be updating.

Step 7

Click the “Shop” option on the navigation bar.

Step 8

Locate and click on the maps you wish to purchase.

Step 9

Click the “Shopping Cart” link to check out.

Step 10

Provide payment information and complete the purchase. The map content is downloaded to the computer.

Step 11

Open the Becker Content Manager software if it is not already open. Make sure the GPS device is connected to the computer.

Step 12

Click the “Transfer My Content” option. The maps you have purchased and downloaded to the computer are transferred to the device.