How to Download Lumix to iPhoto

By Maria Janelli

i Jupiterimages/ Images

Digital cameras have become the camera of choice for many people. They are small enough to keep in a pocket or pocketbook, and their batteries can last for days. They can store thousands of pictures and come in many styles, colors and sizes. Many of them even come with dedicated photo software. However, if you use a Mac computer, you may prefer to use iPhoto to download your pictures to your computer and manage your collections. Although iPhoto does not support Lumix cameras, you can still download your photos using iPhoto.

Step 1

Turn on your computer and open iPhoto.

Step 2

Connect your camera to the computer with a USB cable and turn the camera on.

Step 3

Click on the disk icon that appears in the panel on the left. It appears under the "Devices" heading and is labeled "No Name."

Step 4

Type a name for the event in the "Event Name" box.

Step 5

Type a description for the event in the description field if you organize your photos using descriptions.

Step 6

Highlight the pictures you want to import. Press the command key while you are clicking to select multiple photos.

Step 7

Click on "Import Selected" to import only the pictures you clicked on. Or, you can click on "Import All" to import all of the pictures on your camera into iPhoto. After you import the photos, iPhoto will ask if you want to keep the pictures on your camera or delete them.

Step 8

Click "Delete Originals" to remove the photos from your camera.

Step 9

Click "Keep Originals" to keep the photos on your camera.