How to Download Karaoke Music

by Contributor

If you buy karaoke CDs, you know they can be expensive. And it's sometimes hard to find good songs on a compilation CD. If you've had trouble finding good songs on karaoke CDs, downloading individual songs off the Internet will solve your problems.

Step 1

Check popular music sites like iTunes, Yahoo Music and Napster. These sites offer karaoke downloads in addition to their regular selection of vocal songs. You'll have to register for an account to download karaoke songs.

Step 2

Go to karaoke CD stores like SoundChoice.com or Ace Karaoke.com and look for the download sections. Most karaoke sites offer some downloadable titles.

Step 3

Consider a DoPi karaoke system to download karaoke tunes to your iPod. Soundchoicestore.com offers information about this karaoke-on-the-go system.

Step 4

Study the website before you download. Make sure that they have a secure payment form and that they have authorization to distribute licensed music.

Step 5

Consult resources like vocalist.org to hone your singing skills. Vocalist.org and similar sites cater to more experienced singers and feature a wider selection of songs.

Download vocal removal software to eliminate vocals from your favorite CDs and turn them into karaoke CDs. Try vocal removal software if you prefer singing older or more obscure songs. Try products like Karaoke Music Maker Software to erase vocals from your favorite songs so you can do the singing.

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