How to Download iTunes to an iPod

by Kayla Lowe

Apple's iPod is one of the most popular music device inventions to ever hit the market. Users find it innovative, as it grants them access to all of their music while on the go at anywhere and anytime, thanks to a portable and convenient size. Unlike traditional cassettes and CDs, the iPod requires no tape or disk changing, as it is capable of storing many CDs on one tiny device. To download music to your iPod requires the assistance of iTunes, the iPod music library. Downloading iTunes to an iPod is a relatively simple process, though.

Load music into your iTunes library by either purchasing tracks or CDs online from the iTunes store, which is accessible through the iTunes interface, or insert CDs into your CD-ROM drive and rip them into your iTunes library by clicking "Import Music" within your iTunes interface.

Uncheck any songs that you do not wish to be transferred from your iTunes library to your iPod, for the iTunes library will automatically begin downloading all songs (which are checked by default) to your iPod upon connection.

Connect your iPod to your computer via the USB port that came with the purchase of your iPod. Click on "iPod" located under the "Devices" category to begin the syncing process if your computer does not begin automatically downloading music to your iPod.


  • check Uncheck any videos you may have within your iTunes library before downloading music to your iPod, for videos will quickly consume iPod memory space.


  • close Always click "Eject" to safely remove your iPod from your computer; otherwise you might damage it if file transfer is still taking place.

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