How to Download an ISO File

by Susan Reynolds

An ISO file is composed of several files or images compressed into one folder. ISO files are commonly CD or DVD images or files. In order to open an ISO file, you need to extract the files inside the folder with special software. After you decompress the files, you can burn the images to a disc using your CD/DVD burner. You also will need CD/DVD burner software if you want to do this. Downloading an ISO file is simple, but the process to open it is more complex.

Click on the "Download" link of an ISO file. Hit "Save" to save the ISO to a location on your computer where you can find it again.

Download and install a third-party software that can mount and burn ISO images (see Resource).

Open the ISO software program. Go to "File" > "Open" on the toolbar to search for your downloaded ISO file. Click on the file name and hit "Open." The software will immediately start to extract the ISO file so you can open it.

Click on the extracted folders to open them and view the contents.

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