How to Download the iPod Shuffle Driver

by Greyson Ferguson
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The Apple iPod Shuffle is a small, portable MP3 player that comes free of a display screen and most selection options. Although you are only able to play the uploaded music in order, or randomly selected, it is far less expensive than all other iPods. Like other iPods, you need to keep the software and drivers for the device up-to-date, making it extremely important to download the updates to your computer, when they are made available.

Step 1

Connect the USB data cable into one of the USB ports on the computer system. The other end has a wider base, used to hook up the iPod Shuffle to the computer.

Step 2

Slide the iPod Shuffle into place on the USB data cable connector and the computer automatically detects the iPod Shuffle, launching iTunes.

Step 3

Wait for the program to scan your iPod Shuffle. Once the scan has finishes, a prompt window appears, stating an update for the device is available. Click "Download and Install" and the driver begins to download to the computer.

Click "OK" when a new prompt appears, stating the iPod Shuffle is now completely up-to-date.


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