How to Download to an iPhone

by Contributor

Your iPhone can perform many functions, but it can only perform the functions you tell it to do. There are many pieces of software on the market that can make your iPhone do virtually anything you want it to. Here's how to download files to your iPhone.

Connect your iPhone to the Internet by using the wifi in your home or office or by using the Internet service provided by your cell phone carrier.

Download music to your iPhone by clicking on the web browser on your iPhone and typing in iTunes or another music website. Conveniently, iTunes automatically syncs with the iPhone, so all you need to do is choose the song you want to download and click the "Buy Now" button, after entering your iTunes account information. Once you finalize the sale by clicking "Download," the song is automatically downloaded onto your iPhone.

Put music and other files on your iPhone by syncing your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable. Using the iPhone software that comes with your phone, put the files or songs you want to download to your iPhone on the downloading software for your iPhone. Sync your phone, and you can use those files or play those songs on your iPhone.

Point your iPhone web browser to the software or files you want to download off the Internet. Many companies that offer iPhone software make it very simple for their software to be downloaded to your iPhone. Simply purchase the software or click on the freeware, and click Download. Your software or files are then downloaded to your iPhone.

Check your iPhone's files to make sure the downloads completed successfully by looking under your files and finding the file that you just downloaded.

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