How to Download Internet Explorer to Another Computer

by Jonah Quant

The Internet Explorer Web browser normally comes pre-installed with every copy of the Microsoft Windows operating system. A computer not connected to the Internet may still need Internet Explorer to interact with intranet Web servers, or to render documents stored locally. However, software data corruption or problems with system files may render Internet Explorer inoperative. You can download Internet Explorer using a computer connected to the Internet, and then install it on another computer.

Step 1

Log in to the computer connected to the Internet. Launch a web browser by double-clicking on its desktop icon. Navigate to the "Internet Explorer: Download" Web page (windows.Microsoft.com/en-US/internet-explorer/downloads/ie). Click on the version of Internet Explorer you want to download, then click on the link for the version of Windows running on the (other) computer where you will ultimately be installing Internet Explorer. Click "Save."

Step 2

Insert the Flash drive into a USB port. Drag the downloaded file on to the Windows Explorer window that automatically opened for the flash drive. Click "Start," then "My computer." Right-click on the Flash drive and select "Remove." Remove the flash drive from the computer connected to the Internet.

Log in to the computer where Internet Explorer will be installed, as Administrator. Connect the Flash drive to the computer, then double-click on the Internet Explorer installer file stored in the Flash drive. An installer for Internet Explorer will launch. Follow its prompts until it reports completion.

Items you will need

  • Another computer connected to the Internet
  • USB Flash drive

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