How to Find and Download Internet Explorer Plugins

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Plugins are programs that are added to Internet Explorer after the fact. They do not come with Internet Explorer, but can be used with it. They are often desirable because they add functionality and new capabilities to your browser. The types and uses of plugins are as varied as the Internet itself. From e-book readers to video players, there is a plethora of plugins out there. If you know how to find and download them, you can make your online experiences a lot more fun and enjoyable.

Find Plenty of Plugins for Internet Explorer

Turn on your computer and access Internet Explorer. If it isn't already installed, visit the Microsoft Web site to download the latest version (see Resources below).

Run a query for Internet Explorer plugins in your favorite search engine.

View the results of your search. Look through the descriptions of the Web sites that come up and decide which site you want to explore first. Click on that site.

Peruse the choices of plugins available for download on the site. Read their descriptions and decide which one you would like to obtain.

Click on the 'Download' button for the plugin you want.

Follow your computer's download prompts. These prompts will be presented to you automatically and will take you through to the completion of the download.

Have fun with the plugins you find. These plugins become part of Internet Explorer and in most cases will automatically run in the appropriate situations.


  • check When you have additional questions about how to find and download Internet Explorer plugins, it is time to pay a visit to the Internet Explorer FAQs page (see Resources below).
  • check Internet Explorer 7 will run on computers using Windows XP, Vista or Server 2003 with a 233MHz processor or higher.


  • close Internet Explorer takes measures to keep most pop-ups, spyware and adware at bay. You can help by installing a program that scans for viruses and eliminates them. Such programs can be downloaded online for free or purchased in the software store of your choice.
  • close Downloading plugins, as described by this guide, is done using Internet Explorer version 7. If you are running a prior version, you may need to upgrade your browser.

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