How to Download Images From a Nikon D60

by Gwen Wark

After taking photos, the next step is to move the images to a place where they can be viewed, edited and organized. This is possible when you move the images to your home computer. Downloading images from a Nikon D60 can be done by either using the camera's internal software and a simple connection cable or by inserting the memory card into an external card reader. Each method copies the images to the desired location without deleting them from the card.

Using the Camera


Attach the USB cable to the camera. Open the small, rubber door on the side of the camera body and plug the corresponding end of the USB cable into the slot on the camera.


Plug the USB end of the cable into the computer. Make sure the cable is securely attached to both the camera and the computer.


Turn the camera on. This will open software to download your images. You will be able to move the images from the camera to the computer and choose whether to remove the images from the card.


Select the option to download or transfer images. This will depend on what type of operating system you are running and may vary if you are running third-party image processing software, such as software that came with your camera.

Using a Card Reader


Turn the camera off and remove the memory card carefully.


Insert the card securely into the card reader slot.


If necessary, turn on the card reader. This will open the software to remove images from the card and place them onto your computer.


Select the option to download or transfer your images.

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