How to Download to a GPX MP3 Player

by Steve Wozniak
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The advent of digital music and video files in the last decade has made the transfer and transport of such media more convenient than ever. Among those companies jumping into the competitive fray with this new technology was GPX. Like its competitors, GPX produces a wide array of MP3 players, and like with its competitors, it's quite simple to download your favorite songs and videos to a GPX player.

Building a library and playlist

Step 1

Open Windows Media Player and click the "Library" tab. Whatever music is in your Media Player library will appear in the main frame of the player screen.

Step 2

If you do not see the music files you wish to download to your MP3 player, add these songs to the library. On the "Library" tab at the top, click the arrow at the bottom and select "Add to Library..." from the drop-down menu.

Step 3

Choose the folders and files you wish to download to your player.

Scroll through the list of media files in the library to make sure all the desired songs have been added. In most cases, the songs should have been added and listed in alphabetical order of artist.

Downloading to the MP3 player

Step 1

Connect the GPX MP3 player to the computer with the supplied USB cord.

Step 2

In Windows Media Player, click on the "Sync" tab at the top of the player.

Step 3

Look in the right frame to make sure that the computer recognizes the MP3 player connection, and begins syncing with the player. You should see a status bar at the bottom of the right frame showing the progress.

Step 4

In the middle of the right frame, you will see a "Sync List." From the library list, still displayed in the center frame, click and drag the desired songs or media files from your library to the sync list in the right frame.

Once you have added all the songs you wish to download to the sync list, click the "Start Sync" button at the bottom of the right frame. This will download all the files from the list in your Media Player to your GPX MP3 player.


  • It is illegal to download copies of copyrighted music and video unless you have permission from the rights holder.


  • Try not to use iTunes to sync with the GPX players. Most newer versions of iTunes will convert ripped music from CDs into mp4 files, which are unrecognizable to many mp3 players. Windows Media Player will rip music to wma files, which are more easily recognized and converted for digital music players.


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