How to Download a Free GPS to My Cell Phone

by LaTasha Rogers

Popular uses for GPS devices include navigating to unfamiliar destinations and tracking cell phones. Most cell phones have a GPS program installed that can track a cell phone as long as the cell phone has a signal. As an entertainment tool, this allows phone users to share their location with friends. For business purposes, someone can monitor company vehicles out servicing clients. Three free GPS programs that can be downloaded to a cell phone are InstaMapper, Buddy Way and Mologogo.


Create an account with Mologogo using your computer. Make sure your phone is compatible with Mologogo by checking the phones that can be used with the GPS software.

Install the software to the cell phone you want to use.

Run the software on the cell phone. Sign in to your Mologogo account using the user name and password that you created. Begin using the GPS service.


Go to the InstaMapper website using your computer. Click the link to register or sign in if you already have an account. Check the FAQ section to see if your phone is compatible.

Create a user name and password. Enter a valid email address to complete the registration process. Click "I agree. Create my account."

Check the email sent to the address that you provided to complete the registration process.

Buddy Way

Enter the Web address for Buddy Way on your computer.

Register for an account by providing the information that is asked for. You will need a valid email address and phone number. Also create a user name and password. Click "Register now" to complete the registration.

Wait for the email instructions, it may be sent to your phone. Click the link sent to your phone to download the GPS program to your cell phone.


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