How to Download Maps From Google Earth

by Joanne Cichetti

Google Earth, unlike Google Maps, shows you satellite images in a 3D viewer of the locations you search. You can search anything like a house, a school or a pond near your house. Once you enter the location name in the respective fields of the application, it shows you different alphabetical icons next to each search result on the 3D viewer. You can click each one of them and get the exact address and phone number (if available) of the place.

Click the link in Resources to go to the website of Google Earth. You can download the application from this page. Once the page loads, click on "Agree and Download." The application will automatically download to the selected folder or your desktop.

Install the downloaded file by double-clicking the icon and following the on-screen instructions.

Launch the installed application.

Select the tab "Fly to" under "Search."

Enter the information of the area you want to find the map for. For instance, you can write the name of the city and the state separated by a comma (like Buffalo, NY). You can also enter the name of the city and the country or perhaps just a zip code. You can narrow down the search by entering the street number, city and state; for instance, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington DC.

Click the "Search" button after entering the information. The 3D viewer will then fly to that particular address.

Click "Zoom" to have a closer look at the map.

Find businesses by selecting the "Businesses" tab right next to "Fly To." Enter the name of the business followed by city and state. Google Earth will provide the results of all businesses with that name in the area you specified.

Click on the address in the 3D viewer, and Google Earth will show you the exact directions to the place. If a phone number is available, Google Earth will also give you that.

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