How to Download Gmail in Outlook

by Chelsea Hoffman

Using an email client such as Outlook makes it easier for you to manage and keep track of all your emails and contacts. Knowing how to download Gmail to Outlook is an easy process that can be completed within minutes. The use of POP access is made easy thanks to Gmail's easy step-by-step process that can be performed by any email user.


Log in to your Gmail account.


Select the option labeled "Settings" at the top right-hand side of the browser.


Select the "POP/IMAP" option from the settings menu.


Select the option labeled "Enable POP for Mail." Apply the settings.


Open your Outlook email applet. Click "Tools" and "Account Settings." Create a new email label.


Add the proxy numbers for Gmail into the new email form. Use the Gmail configuration instructions to complete this task. The instructions are in the POP/IMAP settings. Apply the information to save it, and allow the email client to refresh.

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