How to Find and Download Free Music Loop Software

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Want to create your own music loops for songs, games or video? Then you can download some loop making software -there are many available online....

The first step towards making your own loops -is finding the loop/ music editing software that suits you best. So, look around and see what's available to you. Keep the sound file format you intend to use in mind when choosing a software, if your focus is quality -you may want to make sure that the program allows you to mix to .wav file format (most do) however, if your focus is file size (as is often the case in computer game development to minimize lag) then you might want to find software that allows you to mix to .mp3 format -or even .midi (which is tonal and requires midi note mapping software) Below I've listed some websites where you can find music editing and/or loop building software that you can download as either trials or freewares to help you on your way to finding what program works best for you.

When picking a program, take note of how smooth the interface is and how well it works with your OS. Some programs run differently on different operating systems -and if a program is prone to freezing on your computer, chances are that it will only get worse the larger and more complex your projects get. It's a good thing to keep in mind and watch for before you get to comfortable with any single program.

Always take precaution when downloading or using any websites to protect yourself from viruses and spyware.

Read the 'terms of use' before downloading or agreeing to anything. This is important to make sure that you are allowed to use the audio files and software in the manner in which you are wanting.

Keep looking around! Just because you find a program that is easy to use -doesn't mean there isn't a better one out there with features that you may not realize you need or could make your creation experience easier. Always explore your options! Good luck and thanks for reading!


  • check When you find a program to settle on -check out associated forums and message boards for tips and tricks to getting the most out of your software.


  • close Always take precaution against spyware or viruses when downloading software.
  • close Read terms of use before downloading or installing anything.

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