How to Download Fonts for Wordperfect

By Daniel Ketchum

There are many different fonts you can use.
i font image by Pavel Vlasov from

If you do a great deal of word processing in Corel WordPerfect, you may find that you want a type of font that is not currently available in WordPerfect. People sometimes think that the fonts in a program like WordPerfect are specific to it, and that new fonts must be installed in a WordPerfect folder, but this is not the case. All fonts loaded onto a computer are available to all the programs that are on that computer. This means that fonts that are available to Photoshop or Word are also available to WordPerfect. The process for installing a font for use in WordPerfect is the same as it is for all programs.

Step 1

Go online to one of the many sites that offer free fonts and select one you want to use. There is a vast variety to select from. Download the one you want to use, saving it to your desktop.

Step 2

Click on the “Start” menu and choose “Control Panel.” In the dialog that pops up, click on the “Fonts” folder. At this point what you will do will depend on whether you are using Windows XP or Vista. In XP, select “File” and choose “Install New Fonts.” In Vista, right-click inside the folder and choose “Install New Fonts.”

Step 3

In the dialog that pops up, browse to and select the font that you loaded in Step 1. When you open WordPerfect, or any program on your computer that uses fonts, and start a new document, you will see your new font listed and available for use.