How to Download Fonts to WordPad

By Quinten Plummer

By adding extra fonts to WordPad, you can fine-tune your document's appearance.
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Whether you're looking to spice up your documents, or you want to adjust the appearance of the document to conform to a certain style, adding fonts to WordPad can help you shape your documents to fit your needs. You can find a wealth of free fonts from online font databases. And adding fonts to WordPad is easy--there's no software to install or settings to tweak.

Step 1

Download your desired fonts from an online font file database. (See Resources.) After you've downloaded the fonts, use an extraction utility, like Winzip or Winrar, to extract the fonts.

Step 2

Open the fonts folder on your computer. You can access the fonts directory through the Control Panel (Start/Windows Button > Control Panel > Fonts), or through "My Computer"/"Computer" (Start> My Computer/Computer > Local Disk> Windows> Fonts).

Step 3

Select the downloaded font files, and then drag them to the fonts folder--you can also copy and paste them there. Launch, or relaunch, Wordpad to begin using the newly added fonts.