How to Download Email Attachments

By Cooper Temple

You may easily download attachments in email.
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Electronic mail, more commonly referred to as email, is widely used in professional, academic and personal environments as a way for people to communicate with one another. Email allows individuals to stay connected with one another, even over great distances, in a nearly instantaneous manner. One of the features of most email systems is the capability to attach files to the messages, which may be viewed by the recipient. You can download email attachments by following a few steps.

Open the email that contains the attachment that you want to download. Nearly all email providers allow you to open email in the same way. Either click once on the email link or double-click on the email listing. This will allow you to view the email content, including the attachment listing.

Download the attachment using the source program. Click once on the "Download" link or attachment icon to generate the File Download dialog window. Click once on the "Save" button. This action will launch the Save dialog window. Choose a folder in which to save the document using the "Look In" menu and click once on the "Save" button. After the file has downloaded, click once on the "Open" button on the Download Complete window to view the document in the source program.

Download the attachment as an HTML page. This option will work for most documents if you do not have the source program. Click once on the "View as HTML" link. This action will generate a pop-up window containing the text from the attachment, but will generally not display images.