How to Download eBooks From Amazon

By Travis Meyer

Amazon hosts a market of electronic books designed to be read on the Kindle device, mobile devices and your computer. To protect their e-books from illegal sharing, Amazon designs Kindle books to be read only through its proprietary software. To download and read Amazon e-books on your computer, you must first download the Kindle for PC application.

Download Kindle for PC

Open a Web browser. Go to to get to the download page.

Click "Download Now." A dialog window appears asking whether you want to run the EXE file. Click the "Run" button. The "Kindle for PC Setup" dialog window appears, showing a progress bar that tracks the installation process. When it is finished installing, Kindle for PC automatically launches.

Type your account email address and password into the corresponding text fields. Click "Register."

Download eBooks from

Open a Web browser. Go to the Amazon Kindle Store at

Type the name of the book you want to download in the search text field. Press "Enter."

Click the result that best matches your search.

Select "Kindle for PC" from the "Deliver To" drop-down menu. Click the "Buy" button on the right side of the Kindle book's details page.

Type your email address and password into the corresponding text fields. Press "Enter." The Amazon e-book automatically transfers to your Kindle for PC application and appears on the program's home screen.