How to Download Dogpile Toolbar

by Brandy Alexander

The Dogpile toolbar is a free searching feature that is compatible with Internet Explorer or Firefox. The toolbar sits at the top of your browser window and behaves just like the Dogpile website because you type your questions into the search field and get a comprehensive list of results from major search engines like and Google. Add the Dogpile toolbar to your own browser to quickly and conveniently surf the Web.


Access the Dogpile website using the link in Resources.


Locate the "Quick Starts" section on the page and click the "Download Toolbar" link.


Click the "Install" button in the dialog window that appears. Follow your Web browser's remaining prompts to complete the installation.


Restart your browser to allow it to save the new installation settings.


Look for the Dogpile toolbar at the top of the browser window. If you do not see this, click the "Toolbars" option under your browser's "View" menu and select the Dogpile toolbar title to activate it.

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