How to Download My Contacts From Gmail

By Kefa Olang

Gmail is a popular email service. The exporting feature is one of its essential tools, allowing you to export your contacts as CSV (comma-separated value) files and upload them to other email programs such as Outlook Express. That'll save you the time of retyping your contacts. Downloading Gmail contacts to your computer is simple and only takes minutes.

Sign into your Gmail account. Click the "Contacts" button on the Gmail page.

Click the "Export" link on top of the contacts list. Select the group of contacts to export or select all if you want to export the entire library.

Select the export format. You can select from formats such as Outlook CSV or Google CSV, depending on where your contacts are destined to end up.

Click "Export" and click "Save to disk." Select the destination folder or hard disk where you'll save the contacts. Click "OK" to download the contacts.