How to Download My Citi Card Data Into Quicken

By Jamie Lisse

If you manage your money in Quicken, it has the ability to import your financial data from the various banks and credit card companies where you do business. In order to download your Citi Card financial data into Quicken, you need to have an online account for your Citi Card. There is no charge for an online account and there is no fee to download your Citi Card data into Quicken.

Log into your Citi Card account online at the Citi Cards website (see Resources).

Go to the "Account Activity" section of your online account. This brings up all of your recent activity.

Click on the link to "View/Download" your statement. This takes you to a screen where you can select the file type for your download.

Choose QXF or CSV for a file type that is compatible with Quicken. If your only option is PDF or QIF, you will have to manually enter your data into Quicken.

Open Quicken and click on "Account List" to see your list of accounts. Open your Citi Card account.

Import the data into the account by clicking on "File" and then "Import Transactions."