How to Download Books to Your MP4 Player

By Chanel Adams

Make sure your MP4 player accepts book formats.
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Your MP4 player does more than just play music and video. You can either listen to audio books or read eBooks on it. Downloading these types of books to your MP4 player is a relatively easy process. Make sure you know which types of books and files your player uses before attempting to download any files. Otherwise, the files will either not work or will corrupt your MP4 player.

Look through your user guide to find out the kind of file formats your MP4 supports. This helps ensure that you can view the file on your MP4 player.

Convert the file, if necessary. Several online programs allow you to convert your eBook or audio book. Remember to convert to a format that your MP4 player recognizes.

Attach the USB cable to your MP4 player. Connect the other end to your desktop computer or laptop's USB port.

Click "Start" and "Computer." Go to the location where you saved your books. Right-click and select "Copy." To select more than one book, press and hold the "Ctrl" button.

Navigate back to your "Computer" menu. Double-click your MP4 player's folder. Right-click and select "Paste." Wait for the download to complete.