How to Download Bookmarks From Firefox

by Craig Witt

The Mozilla Firefox Web browser gives you the ability to save links to the websites you visit most. These links are saved as bookmarks, which can be accessed with one click through a simple drop-down menu. If you plan to move from one computer to another, you will likely want to take your Firefox bookmarks with you. Fortunately, the program offers a helpful export feature that lets you download saved bookmarks into a file that can be transferred to another machine. Performing this task takes only a few minutes after you know where to look.

Open a Mozilla Firefox browser window.

Click the "Bookmarks" item located in the top menu bar and select the "Organize Bookmarks" option. Firefox's Library window appears within a few seconds.

Click the "Import and Backup" button located along the top of the Library window and select the "Backup" option.

Select a save location, such as the desktop, in the dialog box that follows.

Give the bookmarks file a name within the File Name field.

Click "Save." A copy of your bookmarks is immediately downloaded to a file and saved in the location you selected.

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