How to Download Audio Files Onto a Computer

by Mitchell White

You can download audio files to your computer using a few different programs that you can get for free on the Internet. These programs will allow you to transfer audio files such as MP3 or WMA from other users directly to your computer in a format you can then play at a later date.


Download and install software---such as LimeWire---that allows you to find audio files to download from other users.


Open the program. Click on the option to only search audio files. Click on the search box and type in the file you'd like to search for. Click "Search" to begin looking.


Double-click on a file to download it once the results appear.


Download and install a program such as YouTube Music Downloader to try a different approach.


Visit a video on YouTube with an audio track you'd like to turn into an audio file. Copy the web address at the top of your browser. Open the downloader program and paste the address into the URL text box. Click the download button download the audio track to your computer.

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