How to Download an Audio Book to a Flash Drive

By Danielle Fernandez

Store audiobooks on a flash drive to free up space on your mp3 player.
i Jeffrey Hamilton/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Audiobooks make it possible for even the busiest of readers to keep up with the current bestsellers, and they're excellent alternatives for the blind or illiterate. Advances in digital recording technology have eliminated the need for multiple cassette tapes. Readers can carry volumes of books electronically on an mp3 player or smartphone. Using a flash drive to store your book files makes it even easier to maintain a large library without cluttering up your device or computer hard drive.

Step 1

Plug the flash drive into one of your computer's USB ports.

Step 2

Locate and highlight the audiobook file on your computer.

Step 3

Drag the audiobook file or files to the flash drive icon to copy the files onto it.

Step 4

Eject the flash drive from your computer. On a PC, right-click the icon and click "Eject." On a Mac, drag the flash drive icon to the trash can. Unplug the device from your computer.