How to Download Music to an Apple iPod Mini Without iTunes

By Mario Calhoun

It is possible to manage your iPod Mini without iTunes
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Although iTunes is the default application used to manage your iPod Mini device, there are third-party applications that can perform the basic functions of managing and updating your iPod Mini. These programs can be downloaded for free and will allow music transfers between your iPod Mini and your computer.

Download CopyTrans Manager (see Resources link #1). This free application replaces iTunes as your music manager by allowing you to transfer files from your computer to your iPod, create playlists and play music from the program. Other features include track editing, an enhanced search function and automatic or manual synchronization.

Download Songbird (see Resources link #2). The Songbird program is linked with 7digital, an online music store that allows you to purchase iPod-compatible music and video, and works similar to the iTunes Store. Other features of Songbird include a concert alert feature that tells you when a musician is coming to town based on the artists in your library, as well as a link with that shares your music playlists and favorite artists with the music website.

Download MediaMonkey (see Resources link #3). This free application provides basic iPod management that allows you to synchronize your music library with your iPod Mini, and includes a CD importer and audio convert tool. MediaMonkey's DJ feature mixes your music for a continuous mix of similar artists, and comes in two editions: Free and Gold. The Gold edition provides bonus features such as automatic song updates, which detects any changes to songs on your hard drive and makes the necessary changes in the MediaMonkey music library.