How to Download Android Apps to Pandigital

by Chris Hoffman

Pandigital Novel e-readers run on the Android operating system and support Android applications in .apk format. You can download Android apps from the Web and install them directly from your Pandigital device using the integrated Web browser. You can also transfer .apk files to the device's SD card from your computer and install them from the ES File Explorer application. The icons of the installed applications appear on Pandigital's home screen.


Tap the "Web" icon on the Pandigital e-reader's home screen to open the Web browser application.


Type the address of the website containing the Android application you want to download.


Tap the download link for the .apk file on the website.


Press the "Menu" button below the Pandigital e-reader's screen to open the browser's menu.


Tap the down arrow icon to view the second menu page, then tap "Downloads" to open the Download History screen.


Press and hold the name of the downloaded .apk file on the Download History screen.


Tap "Open" and "Install" to install the application.


  • check Open the installed application by tapping its icon on the home screen.

About the Author

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