How to Download Adobe Acrobat Version 9

by Mike Heldar

Adobe Acrobat Version 9 is an edition of Adobe Acrobat that was replaced by Acrobat 10. If you prefer the interface and the lower system requirements of Acrobat 9, however, you can easily install this version on your computer by downloading it from the Adobe website. Although Adobe Acrobat Professional is not available for download (as it is a retail purchase), Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 is available for free from the Adobe website.

Open your preferred browser from your computer's Start menu.

Visit to access older versions of Adobe Reader.

Select your operating system and language from the first two drop-down menus on the website. For example, choose "Windows 7" and "English."

Select "Reader 9.4" as your software edition. Acrobat Reader 9.4 is the last edition of the "9" series.

Check or uncheck "Include in Your Download." If you check this option, you'll also received bundled third-party software. This is not necessary to install the program.

Click "Download Now" to begin the software download. You may choose to either run the program from its current location or download it to your desktop for installation at a later time.

Follow the installation instructions for your operating system that are displayed on the download page. You may review these as the software program downloads to your computer.

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