Doro Phone Instructions

by Candice Abrams

Doro makes telephones for the elderly and those with motor or cognitive difficulties. For example, Doro offers telephones specifically for individuals with dexterity problems or hearing challenges. The common feature of these Doro phones is three-way calling. Setting up three-way calling on your Doro phone is quick and simple. This company makes sure its customers have little to no problem with setting up this feature. A three-way call allows you to talk to two people at once.


Contact your telephone provider. Verify that you have three-way calling on your account. If you do not have it, you will need to add it to use this feature.


Press the “Flash” button on your Doro phone. Dial the 10-digit number of one of the individuals you would like to call.


Explain to the person that you are trying to set up a three-way call. Make sure that the person does not hang up.


Depress on the “Flash” button lightly. Holding it down will cause you to accidentally hang up on the first person you called.


Dial the 10-digit number of the other person you would like to call. Tell the person that he or she is part of a three-way call.


Depress the “Flash” button lightly to complete the set up.

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