How to Donate an Analog TV

By Greyson Ferguson

i Agri Press/Lifesize/Getty Images

Now that all television stations broadcast digitally, you may have stopped using your older analog television set. If you haven't discarded it yet, it's most likely gathering dust somewhere in your house. If you want to free up some space, there are places where you can donate your analog television.

Step 1

Call pawn shops in your area to see if they take analog television sets. Most likely the response is no. An analog television needs a converter box to function, so most pawn shops won't even bother with the set.

Step 2

Contact the Salvation Army in your area or a Goodwill Industries donation center and ask the same question. You are going to have better luck with these facilities because they don't need to give you money in exchange. It's best always to call them before lugging your heavy TV to them.

Step 3

Talk to your local school if Goodwill and the Salvation Army don't take televisions. Although the TV is analog, schools can still use the set with VCRs and DVD players.

Step 4

Set up a date and time to bring in your television. If you are donating the TV to a school, find out which entrances are open during the school day.