How to Find My Domain Name Service

by Stephen Lilley

A "domain name" service is a group of computers that are all connected to each other over a network. Typically domains are found in professional environments, because domain connection isn't even possible in most regular consumer level versions of the Windows operating system (like the "Home" and "Basic" versions). If you want to find your domain name that your service is using, you need to know where to look on your computer.


Click "Start."


Right click on the button that reads "Computer."


Click "Properties."


Click the blue "Change Settings" link on the right side of the screen.


Click the "Computer Name" tab. The name of the domain that your computer is connected to is listed under the heading "Domain" in the box on screen.


  • check This process will work for any edition of the Windows operating system that has the ability to connect to domain services. That includes Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista Professional and Ultimate, and Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate.

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