DOCX to PDF Conversion

by Anthony Markesino

DOCX is the latest document format supported by Microsoft Word 2007 and is unreadable by previous versions of Word or other software without upgrades. PDF or portable document format is a very secure format developed by Adobe that essentially translates your document into an image, making it difficult to manipulate without the proper permissions.

Acrobat Plugins

The easiest way to convert to Adobe's proprietary format is to download the latest copy of Acrobat Pro and install it. This will allow you to directly convert your document from Word formats, such as DOCX, into PDF without ever leaving the Word document. Under "Tools," "Toolbars," you will see a "Convert to PDF" option. Click this, and it will instantly turn your document into a PDF. You can also load Acrobat Pro and under the file-drop down, you can import Word documents, and it will convert them automatically.

Open-Source Options

There are several open-source (free) options that you can download to do the same conversion. PDF Creator is an open-source project that you run separately to convert files to or from PDF formats. It understands a wide variety of document types and is able to easily convert between them using drop-down menus. Under the file drop-down, open the document you wish to convert, then save as the document type you wish to convert to.

Online Options

There are several good options available through the Web such as PDF Online, where you do not need to install any software. You can browse to the PDF Online website listed in Resources, click "doc2pdf" and then upload your document. It will then convert your document and allow you to download it. Most of these sites are free and do a good job for smaller documents (under three to four pages). If you have a larger document you should invest in Acrobat Pro or one of the open-source options.


About the Author

Anthony Markesino is a freelance writer and senior editor for UGO Entertainment, specializing in the video game industry and MMO's. He also has several design credits on such prominent games as the new Wolfenstein, as well as Rogue Warrior and the Fear series.