What Docking Station Is Compatible With an Apple iPod Nano?

By Douglas Quaid

Some exotic docks charge the iPod using solar power.
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While most iPod dock systems have a shoe that fits the full-size iPod and iPhone, the connector and hardware are also compatible with the iPod Nano, the full-size iPod's plucky younger brother. The iPod Nano is too small to sit comfortable in a dock meant for a full-size iPod, so you'll need an adapter. The following stereo systems cover a range of different docking station styles, meant for different listening situations.

iPod Nano Dock Adapter

The iPod Nano uses the same data connector as the iPod and iPhone, but because it has a smaller footprint the iPod Nano won't fit securely in a docking station meant for a full-size iPod. An iPod Nano dock adapter, available from Apple and other manufacturers of iPod-compatible devices, fits into a standard iPod dock and provides a snug fit for your iPod Nano. If you want to use your iPod Nano in a docking station, you should definitely get an adapter to help protect your device.

Bose Sounddock Portable System

The slim, lightweight Bose Sounddock Portable is a great match for the iPod Nano. It's an all-in-one stereo and iPod dock, and includes a remote control and rechargeable battery. The universal iPod dock is compatible with all models of the iPod Nano, iPod and iPhone released as of January 2011. As with other iPod docking systems, if you want to connect your iPod Nano you'll need an adapter. The docking station also folds into the unit to protect it during storage or travel.

Sony CMT-FX00i Micro Hi-Fi System

If portability isn't what you're looking for, Sony's Micro Hi-Fi stereo system may be the solution for you. It combines an integrated iPod dock with all the features you expect to find in a home stereo, including a CD player and AM/FM tuner. The dock is compatible with the first through third generation and fifth generation iPod Nano but not the fourth generation, so check which model Nano you have before you buy.

Altec Lansing Octiv Air M812

The Altec Lansing Octiv Air combines a compact iPod dock unit and an 80 watt wireless stereo speaker. Keep your iPod wherever it's most convenient, and place the speaker according to the design and acoustics of the room. The system is expandable up to eight speakers, and setup is simple. Add a second speaker, flip a switch, and the two speakers automatically become a stereo pair. The system is compatible with the first through fourth generation iPod Nano, but not the fifth generation model.