How Do I Find a WPA2 Key?

By Susan Reynolds

i Wireless image by Haris Rauf from

A WPA2 key is a type of encryption for a wireless Internet connection. You can set your own password when you first set up your router, but you need to follow certain steps. Having a secure password on your router will allow you and anyone else with the password to surf the web using your Wi-Fi connection, but no one else can. If you don't set a password on your connection, hackers are able to get into your computer, so it's important that you set a good password right from the start.

Step 1

Set up your Internet connection with a modem. You must have an Internet connection of some kind before you attempt to look at your router settings.

Step 2

Open a browser window, preferably Internet Explorer, and type in one of these IP addresses:, http:/, or http:/ The IP address differs for each router, so try all three IP addresses. A small box should pop up asking your for your username and password.

Step 3

Type in "admin" for the username and "password" in the password field if this is the first time you have set up your router. Otherwise, enter the username and password you already created. Reset the router if "admin" doesn't allow you to log into the main setup screen. You must find the tiny hole somewhere on your router and press it in with a pushpin or other small, sharp object. Hold down for 15 seconds and try to log in again with "admin" and "password."

Step 4

Click on the "Settings" tab on the webpage that pops up. Click the "Wireless" button and then click on the "Security" tab.

Step 5

Click on the "WPA2" key from the menu and look at the password.