How Do I Install Java on Windows XP Home Edition?

by Chris Hoffman

Oracle's Java runtime environment, formerly Sun Java, runs software written in the Java programming language. Java software includes programs embedded on webpages, known as Java applets, and programs which run on your desktop. If you need to use a webpage which contains a Java applet or a program written in Java, you have to install Java on your computer. The Java runtime environment is a free download and includes plug-ins for web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Open Oracle's Java website (see Resources).

Click the "Free Java Download" and "Agree and Start Free Download" buttons.

Click "Run" when your web browser prompts you, then click "Run" again to the confirmation prompt.

Click the "Install" button at the bottom-right corner of the welcome window.

Click "Close" after the installation finishes.

Close any web browser windows and reopen them for the installation to complete.


  • check Test your Java installation by visiting Oracle's Java test webpage (see Resources).
  • check Access the Java Control Panel by clicking "Start," clicking "Control Panel," clicking "Switch to Classic View" at the upper-left corner of the Control Panel window and double-clicking the "Java" icon.

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