How Do I Export a Library List From Windows Media Player to Excel?

By Amy Dombrower

Export your music library list to Excel.
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Windows Media Player is an application in which you can play music and videos, burn files to CDs and organize all of your media content. When you import files they go into the Windows Media Player Library, where you can sort through and search for files when you want them. However, you also can export a list of your files in the library to another application. This way you can move your library list to a Word document, Excel spreadsheet or any other program you wish.

Step 1

Download and install the Media Info Exporter (see Resources section).

Step 2

Open Windows Media Player and click the icon for "Access Applications Menu." Click "Tools." Select "Plug-ins."

Step 3

Select "Media Info Exporter."

Step 4

In the "Media Info Exporter" dialog box, click "Properties."

Step 5

Under "Application to Start," select "Microsoft Excel."

Step 6

Under "File Type," select "Best Fit for Application." Click "OK."

Step 7

Go back to the "Media Info Exporter" dialog box. Under "Select Collection to Export," select the information you want to export. For example, select "All Music" to export all music files.

Step 8

Click "Export."

Step 9

Browse your computer for the file. It will be in the location designated under "File Location" in the "Properties" window. Open the file in Excel.