How do I Find the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of Each Month in Microsoft Excel?

By Emmanuelle Douglas

Find the first and third Wednesday in Excel by using a formula.
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Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet component of the Microsoft Office Suite. Excel lets you use formulas and functions to analyze data in your spreadsheets. When calculating the first and third Wednesday of each month, use a formula to help you generate the dates. This can be done with a formula and formatting options in Excel.

Step 1

Open Excel 2007 and type the date of first Wednesday in cell A1. Enter the date in a the following format "8/5/10." In cell A2, enter this formula: "=A1+14." Do not put any spaces in the formula, and start your formula with an equal. This will generate the first and third Wednesday for each Month in Excel.

Step 2

Click on the column "A" to highlight the entire column. Right-click on "A" and select "Format Cells." Click on the "Number" tab and select "Date" from the Category list. Select the second category from the list. Click "OK." Notice how your date now reflects the date and "Wednesday" in cell A2.

Step 3

Drag this formula to the remaining cells by clicking on the square in the lower right corner of cell A2. Depending on your needs, drag this cell for the current month, quarter or year. Your spreadsheet will reflect the first and third Wednesday for the cells used.