How Do I Block Websites in Norton Internet Security?

By Andrew Meer

In addition to the malicious websites that Norton Internet Security blocks by default, you can, at your discretion, block websites that you deem as dangerous to your home or workplace. Norton Smart Firewall, a sub-component of Norton Internet Security, enables you to create traffic rules that prevent all inbound and outbound connections from your computer to any website that you choose. You can also add multiple websites to a single traffic rule as well as modify its contents after creation.

Creating Traffic Rules

On the Norton Internet Security main window, click the “Settings” option, then the “Network” tab. Click the “Smart Firewall” side-tab, then click “Configure” next to Advanced Settings. On the Advanced Settings pop-up box, click “Configure” next to Traffic Rules. To create a new traffic rule, click “Add.” On the “Add Rule” wizard, select “Block | Next | Connection To and From Other Computers | Next | Only the Computer and Sites Listed Below” to proceed. Click “Add,” select “Individually,” then enter the address of the website that you need to block. Click “OK” to add the website. Repeatedly use the “Add” button to include any additional websites, then click the “Next” button on each following window to proceed. Enter a name for the traffic rule when prompted, then click “Finish.”

Modifying Traffic Rules

Rather than creating a new traffic rule the next time that you want to block a website, you can modify the existing rule by adding any website of your choosing. Get to the Advanced Settings screen on the Norton Smart Firewall, then click “Configure” next to Traffic Rules. Select the traffic rule, then click “Modify.” On the Modify Rule box, select the “Computers” tab to add new websites or remove existing websites from the list.