How Do I Add Voting Bullets to a Word Document?

By Max Cooper

There's a big vote coming up, and you've been tasked with creating the ballot. Whether you're choosing the homecoming queen or the venue for the office Christmas party, bullet formatting in Microsoft Word is a quick, easy way to make your ballot look clean and professional.

Establishing a Question and Possible Answers

Start with your question, and type it into a blank Word document. For example, use "Who should be the 2010 Homecoming Queen?" Type your possible choices below, starting a new paragraph for each one. For example:

"Sarah Smith

Jane McFee

Thelma Davis"

Formatting your Bullets

Next, highlight your choices and click the "Bullets" button on your Word toolbar. If your version of Word doesn't have the "Bullets" button on a toolbar, click "Format" and select "Bullets and Numbering."

In the dialog that appears, choose "Customize." Another dialog will open, with options to change the Bullet Character. Choose "Font."

Yet another dialog will appear, showing you a list of fonts and a preview at the bottom. Scroll through the fonts until you see an empty square in the preview. Click "OK" in each dialog until you see your ballot again. The bullets should now be neat, empty squares. Voters can simply place a check mark next to their choice.