How do I Use the Viewsat VS2000 Satellite Receiver?

by Greyson Ferguson
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The Viewsat VS2000 is a satellite receiver that accepts free-to-air programming. It comes with many of the same features as a standard receiver, but if you are new to the equipment you need to know what all the functions are. Once you have gone over all the controls a few times, you should have no problem using your receiver and understanding the equipment.

Step 1

Press the "Power" button on the front of the receiver (or remote control) to turn on the receiver. You must also turn on the television to view the programming.

Step 2

Press the "Guide" button on the provided remote control. This brings up a listing of all the stations the receiver accepts, and a list of the programs. Because FTA programming changes from week to week, some of the displayed information may not be accurate.

Step 3

Push the directional arrow buttons to navigate through the displayed channels. Once you have found a program you want, press "Enter" to accept the station. After a moment the program and channel loads onto the screen. It is also possible to type in the channel number, if you know what you want to watch.

Press the "Last" button to instantly change back to the previous station you had been viewing.


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