How Do I Save a Video File From a CD to My Computer?

By Misty Rodriguez

Keep your important video files safe by copying them to your computer.
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Saving information on CDs is a practical way to store all of your important files, as they can hold much information. However, they scratch easily and can even break in half if subjected to too much pressure. For this reason, you should back up your files by copying them to the computer. If you have a single copy of an important video, you will want to put it on your computer for safe keeping, and also to make as many extra copies as you need. Copying a video file from a CD to a computer takes only a few minutes.

Insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive.

Click on the "Start" menu button, and then click on "My Computer."

Double click on your CD-ROM drive, which is usually the D: drive.

Click on the video file that you want to transfer to your computer. If there are multiple files, press "Ctrl" after clicking on the first file, and hold it while you select the others.

Click on the highlighted files and hold down the mouse button while you drag them to the desktop. The files automatically copy to your computer, and you can move them to another folder if you choose to. To create a new folder for your video files, right click on the desktop and select "New," and then click on "Folder." Name your folder and press "Enter."

Wait for the light on the CD-ROM to stop flashing, and then eject the CD.